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Barbara Kephart, PMP

Senior project manager

Barbara is a seasoned project manager with a leadership style centered on collaborative discussions, innovative problem-solving, and transforming companies’ long-term goals into tangible realities.

Barbara, a UC Berkeley-certified project manager, holds a PMP credential from PMI and brings decades of experience in a variety of industries. Adept at managing projects across industries including, information technology, M&A, medical research, downtime process improvement, construction planning, quality control, regulatory, marketing, agriculture, food supply management, academics, strategic planning, global distribution, non-profit initiatives and start-up accelerators and incubators (just to name a few). 

Cheryl Allen, MS, PMP

senior project manager

Cheryl is a dynamic project management consultant and trainer with many decades of experience across various industries. 

Specializing in practical project management processes, Cheryl delivers impactful process improvements and training programs for top organizations like California Department of Water Resources, California Department of Health and Human Services, UC Berkeley, University of Nevada Reno, Stanford Human Resources, Hewlett Packard, and Sun Microsystems. Cheryl has received an Honored Instructor award from UC Berkeley. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Cheryl excels at helping organizations establish effective Project Management Offices (PMOs) and implements practical project processes to optimize time and resources. 

Annie MacLeod, PMP

Senior project manager

Annie MacLeod is a Project Management Professional (PMP) with decades of practical experience in project management. She is the Chief Coach at the Project Management GameBoard which specializes in making project teams and projects successful by streamlining PM practices and having highly effective project teams. She is a Miro evangelist and passionate about visual collaboration and the power of remote teams. This work has been primarily focused in the technology world, however she has supported projects in multiple industries particularly product and service development organizations that are experiencing accelerated growth.

Annie specializes in helping individuals and organizations understand where their projects can be streamlined and achieve better results aligned with corporate strategic plans while developing their resources skills.

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